【vol.266 雜誌節錄】對稱綻放:裝飾魔力無極限 Bewitched, Bewildered, Be Kate Stomber
「我企圖創造振奮人心的畫面,而盛開的花朵與飛翔中的蝴蝶恰好滿足了我的渴求,貼切地傳達我在封城期間對於自由的渴望。」 “I wanted to make something that felt uplifting and elevating, and the blooming/flying elements really spoke to my feelings of wanting to be set free from lockdown.”


Kate Stomber

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來自紐約的Kate Stomber目前於影像授權品牌Trunk Archive擔任視覺設計,並且獨立接案,設計表演海報、專輯封面、商標與企業識別系統等等。插畫作品融合了新藝術、裝飾藝術的典雅元素,並同時注入6、70年代的迷幻氛圍。

After her work hours at Trunk Archive, New York artist and in-house graphic designer Kate Stomber spends her time freelancing. She specializes in designing posters for gigs, album covers, trademarks, and corporate identity systems, among other projects. Her illustrative works skillfully merge the elegant elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco while infusing a touch of splendid psychedelia.

Q:請問你從何獲取靈感?你的作品有復古的韻味,請問你一直都很喜歡新藝術(Art Nouvea)、裝飾藝術(Art Deco)嗎?

A:1880年代末還有廿世紀中葉的審美對我來說影響最深,復古的氛圍八成源於我企圖營造的迷幻感,讓人想起1960年代,重振新藝術中插畫敘事傳統的風氣。這是由於此風格具有前瞻性,並能讓人彷彿置身於異境之中,與反主流文化的精神不謀而合——新藝術運動時期的藝術家,是我重要的靈感來源,尤其是畫家克林姆、壁紙和織品設計師威廉·莫里斯,以及維也納新藝術運動中眾多的書籍設計師和插畫家。除了這些著名的大師作品,我也愛作者不明但是作工精細的設計,小至珠寶、傢飾,大至建築,我總是為這些美好得幾乎不真實的詮釋深深著迷。我一眼就可以看穿6、70年代海報與專輯封面設計中借用的元素、受到的影響。如果從這段期間挑選,我最受插畫家Peter Max、設計師Milton Glaser,還有漫畫家R. Crumb的啟發。除此之外,我很愛有如密語一般的神話與傳說元素,可見於塔羅星座等玄學、多神異教,以及天主教文物。

Q: Where do you seek inspiration? There’s a retro feel to your art, what would you say is the era that inspires you the most aesthetically? Art Nouveau? Art Deco?

A: The visual time periods that inspire me the most are the late 1880’s and the midcentury era. The retro feeling definitely comes from the 1960’s psychedelic vibe I’m trying to evoke, which was the time period responsible for reviving the traditional illustrated storytelling modes that was explored during the Nouveau period. This was because the style was visionary and transcendental in a way that felt relatable to the counterculture movement. Some of my biggest inspirations from the Nouveau period include painter Gustav Klimt, wallpaper and textile designer William Morris, and the many book designers and illustrators of the Viennese secessionist movement. Among these larger names, I love the less easily identifiable authors of craftsmanship that are reflected in design objects, such as jewelry, furniture, and architecture. I was always interested in the surreal quality of these depictions, and I recognized the parallels in the styles in album covers, posters, and publications from the 60’s and 70’s. From this time period, I’m most inspired by the works of illustrator Peter Max, designer Milton Glaser, and cartoonist R. Crumb. In addition to this, I love the cryptic and mythological symbolism of iconography that can be found in Tarot and Astrology, Paganism, and the Catholic Church.



Q: Let’s talk about your artwork, Nouveau , what’s the story behind it? I absolutely adore the colorful butterfly and I simply cannot get the image out of my head for days! Can you use this as an example and walk us through the process?

A: Thank you so much! The story behind this poster is a bit bleak, actually! I spent about a month returning to this piece during COVID-19 lockdown. I poured so much intentionality and thought into the process because I had the time to, and I wanted to create something that felt perfect to me when everything felt so chaotic and dystopian and out of my control. I referred to the detailed margins and pages of old books and created this design by studying those small elements of design. I wanted to make something that felt uplifting and elevating, and the blooming / flying elements really spoke to my feelings of wanting to be set free from lockdown. I didn’t illustrate it intentionally that way, but as I was drawing it ultimately ended up that way!


Source: Kate Stomber

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